Ms_Anthropy Thinks Spellcheck Is For Wusses. (ms_anthropy) wrote,
Ms_Anthropy Thinks Spellcheck Is For Wusses.

Web Scrapings

More privacy violation, subcategory WTF. Hospital reserves the right to release your medical records to protect the president. And oh yeah, contractors. And morticians.

And here is a lesson to us all about taking teh intarweb drama too seriously. Some guy got the worst of a flamewar, found out his opponent's RL identity, drove 1300 miles (posting "I'm-getting-closer" snapshots all the way) and burned the guy's house down. (Note: when we say "jeez, some people need to get out more!" this is not what we generally have in mind.)

And oh yeah, a webcomic: Harry Potter and the Deathly Spoilers. (Contains no actual spoilers, although it's been a week, people, come on, read faster!</a>

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