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Nations of the Mind

Un-edited, un-spellchecked and frequently unreasonable.

Ms_Anthropy Thinks Spellcheck Is For Wusses.
"Lightly published" (I love that term, Victoria) writer, homeschool mom, spouse, avidly dog-owned, compulsive gardener, film phreak, head curator of the family Kipple Museum and Spider Ranch, did I say writer?

"How To Build A Human Brain From Handy Materials You May Already Have Around The House!"

For those interested, I also co-moderate a parenting board called Free_Range_Moms, a place where parents and other child-care-oriented folks can talk, seek advice, share stories, complain and swear like drunken pirates where the kids can't hear.

I also have an LJ called homeschoollinks for free online homeschooling links and resources. Sometimes I even have time to update it.

Spider Ranch Homeschool